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The Sound of music - callbacks

SORRY, the initial email went out with an incorrect date of the 25th for callbacks. A correction will go out, but I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that the correct callback date is the 28th!

Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Below is our list of folks that we would like to see more of at callbacks on August 28th. Additional information will be provided soon. Please check all columns for your name, some folks are called back for multiple rolls. Unless you specified that you are only interested in a particular role, all actors not cast in a named role will be considered for an ensemble role.

If you auditioned either in person or by video, and are not on the list below, we thank you very much for your time, and look forward to seeing you at auditions in the future for one of our other shows.

~ Sasquatch Production Team


Brekken Baker
Cara Lippitt
Elizabeth Mirandi
Jennasea Pearce
Kayleigh Bernier
Lizzy Schroeder
Monica Slabach
Rebekah Ortiz
Sarah Hutyra
Shelby Varra
Tara Prager


August Stoten
Matt Wessel


Antigone Biddle
Abby Walden
Addison Miller
Claire Casey
Elizabeth Everett
Erika Harper
Hazel Kachline
Kyra Archuleta
Madleine Brewer
Sadie Crain


Anna Boerringter
Axie Lewis
Brooklyn Schreiner
Elli Busam
Emily Franks
Izza Crain
Lucy Kannenberg
Madison Nguyen
Scarlett Westenskow
Shylee Slagle


Ambrose Jenkins
Levi Randolph


Geoffrey Boden
Nolan McDowell


Adalie Stephens
Brooklyn Schreiner
Elinor Rodgers
Ellianna Miera
Emily Franks
Etta McCurdy
Haley Ballard
Izzy Crain
Shylee Slagle



Adalie Stephens
Amilia Shankarappa
Brynn Thompson
Kassidy Wright
Louise Green
Macaelle Vasquez



Madeleine O'Donnell
Ruby Hendrickson


Adam Shupe
Alexander Graen
Chase Conlin
Gabe Waite
Gunnar Bettis
Jack Griffin
Joe Barnard
Levi Randolph
Ryan Mauck


Adam Kinney
Alexander Green
Cade Anderson
Chase Conlin
Jack Griffin
Joe Barnard
Kevin Eksterowicz
Paul Jacquith
Tony Rivera


Amy Condon
Brekken Baker
Caitlin Hilzer
Corrine Christian
Emma Bade
Jessica Swanson
Jordan Sax
Lindsey Kinney
Nancy Begley
Olivia Kisicki

Mother Abbess

Danielle Herman
Julia Tobey
Lindsey Kinney


Alicia Pope
Barbara Porreca
Cammie Kolber
Colleen Herskovitz
Emma Bade
Erika Intfen
Jeanette Lane
Jessica Swanson
Kaylin Darst
Lily Horst
Melissa Williams
Nikki Salinas
Olivia Kisicki
Rosemary Smith
Wendy Jones


Corrine Landy
Evan McDermott


Jim Hayes


Emma Bade
Olivia Kisicki