Little Shop of Horrors

Sasquatch Productions in association with Parker Arts will be holding auditions for Little Shop of Horrors scheduled to open January 2021 for a 4 week run at the PACE Center in Parker, CO.  

Who are we looking for:

We are committed to expansive casting for all roles. We are seeking individuals of diverse identities and we want an inclusive and welcoming environment for all people. Individuals who identify as BIMPOC (Black, Idigenious, Multi-Racial, People of Color) LGBTQIA+, Non-binary and those living with differing abilities and from varied socio-economic statuses are welcome and encouraged to audition.  Sasquatch Productions and Parker Arts seek to bridge gaps that have historically been obstacles for people to share their talent and passion on stages.  This production will not be tied to any stereotypical casting, within the constraints of maintaining the storyline. We are open to conversations to assist with accommodations and other ways we can encourage access and equity in the casting, rehearsal and performance process.  Please communicate your needs.   

COVID-19 Precautions:  We are all living in a precarious time and we want this experience to be as safe and comfortable for all artists and audience members.  Auditions will be held privately with a 25’ safe distance between yourself and the creative team.  Individuals will be called into the building one at a time, and masks will be required until you get to your audition position on stage, at which point it may be removed while you perform.  We are creating a plan for safe rehearsals and performances.  People will be called into smaller scene segments and masks and social distance standards will be adhered to during the production including a smaller than traditional cast. Rehearsals and performances will be socially distanced and temperatures will be taken at the beginning of every meeting.  We are reducing audience sizes and making other changes in the attempt to bring theatre back safely.

Due to reduced audience occupancy requirements, budgetary restraints are requiring creativity, so we are making some changes in stipends and compensations.  All lead roles will be compensated including Audrey, Seymour, Mushnik, Audrey II, the Ronnettes, Orin the Dentist. The ensemble roles will be considered for a profit share (if any) so we are looking for motivated passionate people who just want to be a part of bringing magic back to the live stage to round out our cast.

Auditions will be held by appointment only on Wednesday, September 16, 2020  between 5pm and 9pm and Friday, September 18, 2020 between 4:30pm and 6:30pm.  Callbacks for selected individuals will be held on Friday September 18, 2020 from 7pm-10pm.


(6-10 cast members)

Seymour Krelborn (Male Character)
An insecure, put-upon florist’s clerk and eventual hero. Genuine, well-meaning person who is taken for granted because of being clumsiness and poor social skills.

Audrey (Female Character)
Secret love of Seymour’s life. Has poor self-worth and education, but incredibly good looks and a sweet and vulnerable demeanor. Very ditzy and gullible. Dreams of someone coming along who will take her away from Skid Row.

Mushnik (M or F)
The seasoned owner of the failing East Side flower shop and Seymour’s nosy boss. Profit-driven, greedy, and manipulative.

Orin Scrivello (M or F) (May double as the most of the other various roles depending on casting)
An egotistical dentist with a passion for leather and sadistic tendencies. Audrey’s abusive boyfriend (or girlfriend), who is targeted by Seymour. Depending on casting

Voice Of The Plant (M or F)
An vocalist located offstage. The voice is that of a conniving, street-smart ‘villain.’ Funky, snarky, and sassy

Crystal, Ronnette and Chiffon (M or F)
Street urchins, acting as the occasional Greek Chorus. Young, hip, and smart, they are the only ones who have a grip on reality.

Ensemble (M or F)
Depending on the casting of Orin Scrivello, there may be 1-3 ensemble members covering various cameo roles throughout the show including bums, shop owners, radio announcers, agents, and business people.

Note: The puppeteer for the largest plant has already been assigned as a technical staff member.


Please read the following thoroughly. If you have any questions about what you should be providing, have any issues, or need any special accommodations, please feel free to email and ask.

Due to restrictions, we will only be accepting cast auditions for folks 18 and over for this production.

Please prepare 32 bars of musical piece in the style of the show. For the Safety of all and to reduce person to person contact when you arrive at your audition, please provide your musical selection in a digital format (preferably PDF) via email prior to arriving at your audition. Make sure start and stop measures are clearly marked on your digital submission.

Please also prepare a 2 minute monologue.

Sign up for an audition slot at the following link:

Once you have signed up for a timeslot, please send an email to and include the following:

Your name, your time slot, a list of all parts you would like to be considered for, a resume if you have one, a photo of yourself (expensive headshots are NOT necessary, any picture will do as long as it looks like you), and your digital copy of your sheet music correctly annotated with start and stop measures.